increases ad prices

Well I knew it was about to happen, but wasn’t sure just when. Now, raised their ad fees an additional $10.

It is now $49.oo for 30 days… $79.00 for 60 days… and $109 for 90 days.

See our home rental ad rates and you’ll wonder how long they can do this to customers, especially in this economy.

I suspect to be next — they are the umbrella company that includes RentalHouses.

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    Thanks for stopping by and also thanks for mentioning my site on your blog.

    Yes, you are right I do beat up on a lot don’t I? …

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    No Lester over here. Absolutely no association with Just check out our blog and you’ll understand that.

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    Oops your name is not Lester I found out.

    Your last post is not being nice to Sounds like you are talking smack! ha, ha 🙂

    Keep it up.

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    Wow, you have quite the trigger finger on this Lester guy and
    Glad we cleared up that we’re not those guys.